Canadian Operations

Community Health Centre

We worked with a Toronto Community Health Centre to manage an upgrade of a legacy application, which included upgrading and certifying the hardware to ensure that it meets the requirements of the new software. This also included data conversion and staff training. We set up user-accounts, and put in place an error reporting/tracking system that would ensure proper documentation of the reporting/ tracking/ follow up/ resolving of errors. We configured the system, resources tables, user tables, appointment grids, service event templates, etc. The transition to the new system was completed successfully and seamlessly.

We were then retained to operate the system, and in that role we revised the data collection protocols and procedures to ensure the correct implementation of the data entry rules in accordance with the Association of Ontario Health Centres (AOHC) data entry manual. We also established a comprehensive management reporting system.

Among the numerous initiatives that we managed are establishing a data backup and recovery routines, as well as an IT security policy that encompasses documentation and follow up of user accounts, user access rights, to ensure the integrity of the system, as well as the email/internet/intranet browsing policy.

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Crown Corporation

Our consultants worked with the Internal Audit group of a Crown Corporation that operates as a financial institution, to enhance the Project Management skills of the audit professionals, and to enhance the group’s process documentation to facilitate training new members of the organization. We generated process diagrams for the main processes used; assessed the Project Management maturity level for the organization and each of its staff; developed and successfully delivered two workshops based on the findings. These made the staff conversant with the Project Management thinking, and came to appreciate the discipline that was integrated into the processes which they had been performing in a less efficient way in the past. This identified further actions that were beyond the mandate of the original engagement, but the client felt were needed to ensure the sustainability of the benefits, so that they became ingrained into the mentality and culture of the organization. The objectives were met within very tight budget constraints.

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Electricity Market

Our consultants successfully managed the Program Office for a province-wide program that opened the electricity market to competition in Ontario. The program was mandated with specifying the systems and the associated infrastructure, designing the new organization, developing the procedures, and testing the overall functioning of the market with a representative sample of market participants. The systems design and build were subcontracted out but were managed by the program. The Program Office generated the plans, and schedules for the work together with the associated budgets; identified the critical path, and the inter-dependencies; and reported on the progress to the Board of Directors, and the client Senior Management. The program involved over 250 consulting and client staff, spanned a period of forty-five months, and had a substantial budget to match.

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Gas Utility

Our consultants planned and project-managed a program to separate a gas utility's regulated business from its non-regulated activities. The latter was then transferred to an affiliated company. This involved identifying the required plans, and developing them with the appropriate scheduling, resourcing and inter-dependencies for more than 30 projects and initiatives that were managed concurrently to achieve the corporate objective. Appropriate progress tracking, and reporting mechanisms were established. This resulted in a robust structure to successfully manage this undertaking, which was completed on time, and to budget.

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Oil Refinery

Conducted a project management benchmarking study on the maintenance activities of a major player in the oil and gas industry. This involved identifying the areas to be studied, assessing the initial situation in those areas, identifying best practices, conducting comparisons with the identified benchmarking partners focusing on variances, analysing the results obtained, and making recommendations for improvements by bridging the gaps identified.

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Cable Operator

Our consultants played an active role in structuring a project that was to launch a long-distance telephone business for a regional Cable TV operator. This entailed facilitating the relevant Project Management best practices to the team members. The Project Charter was generated, and it was an excellent guide for the successful launch of the project.

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Mutual Funds Operator

Our consultants conducted a Post-Implementation Review of Project Management best practices, which had been implemented at a market leader in the mutual funds industry. This involved assessing the work performed in selected projects, and collecting relevant data through interviews, questionnaires and group discussions. The data was analysed, and recommendations were made for optimising the benefits of project management best practices to the organisation.

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