Strategic Management

Business Strategy

We conduct industry and market competitive analyses, and map them against the organizational competencies of our clients. We then work with them to ascertain the strategies most appropriate to their short, medium, and long-term business objectives, thus articulating the corporate vision, mission and values.

  • Business Planning: We develop detailed business plans that capitalize on the organizational and operational competencies, by focusing the human and financial resources, to capture the market  opportunities, in a logical and carefully designed sequence aimed towards achieving the enterprise goals.

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Organizational Strategy

  • Organizational Design
    • Organizational Alignment: We assess the existing organizational strategies, structure and systems so that together with our clients, we can generate enterprise-specific recommendations to enable the organization to better meet its declared objectives. We will then jointly develop models to enhance internal communications, productivity, and controls while minimizing redundancies, and overlaps.
    • Job Analysis & Evaluation: We conduct a detailed review and analysis of the roles and responsibilities, which are then used to chart jobs, with detailed responsibilities, functions, and accountabilities. This is molded with the corporate structure and culture to ensure a successful implementation that will yield sustainable value added to the organization. Further development includes a detailed table of authorities which will maximize efficiency and control.

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Operations Strategy

  • Strategic Process Review: We review the organizational objectives, and analyze all the processes that are employed in the operation. We would then be in a position to determine the value added by each process, and identify where a more efficient and effective approach is needed. That would enable us to recommend a set of improved processes that will contribute to the success of the organization.
  • Enhancing Controls: After the Strategic Process Review, we will identify the critical processes of the organization, and either enhance or introduce appropriate controls to ensure that the operation has the required level of consistency, and integrity. This will free up management time and minimize the need for interventions and oversight.
  • MIS: After reviewing the operation, we will focus on the critical aspects that have a multiplier effect on the results. We then identify the target audience who need the various pieces of information, and the operators who need to generate it. That will then enable us to define the content, the channels, the frequency, and the format of the reports so that information is communicated most effectively.
  • Performance Measurement: We identify the factors that drive the job performance, analyze the processes used to generate the outcome, evaluate the outcome, and link those together to design appropriate performance measures for each job. We build incentives into the critical aspects to align the performance with the corporate strategies and promote actions that are consistent with the desired corporate culture.

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Implementing the organizational initiatives, whether they emerge as a result of our Strategic Review, or that of others, can take various modes along a continuum. At one end we can adopt a coaching approach by working with the management to guide and assist them in implementing the organizational initiatives. At the other end, we can carry out the implementation utilizing our resources who will work closely with the client organization to incorporate the desired initiatives. Our implementation under any mode will be guided by the Change Management and Project Management best practices.

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